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Welcome to the web site of the Zone 106 and Zone 121 Committees of National Seniors Australia. The two committees are made up of representatives of each of the National Seniors Branches in Victoria.

On this web site you will find news about our branch activities, copies of branch newsletters, access to branch web sites, updates on policy issues,  …

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Recent News

Power price deal still short-changes seniors

A deal aimed at delivering cheaper prices to electricity consumers is a step in the right direction – but it doesn’t go far enough, according to National Seniors Australia.
Seven retailers, including AGL Energy, Origin Energy and EnergyAustralia, yesterday agreed to tell householders how they could get a better deal when their discount period was about to end.
This was aimed at ensuring consumers have the best power deal available.
National Seniors’ Chief Advocate Ian Henschke said consumers, including vulnerable older people on low, fixed incomes, would still have to navigate the complexities of offers.
“While the agreement the government has struck with retailers will provide more useful billing information, it does not address the underlying issue facing consumers, which is the proliferation of offers that are confusing and misleading,” Mr Henschke said.
“Given the ACCC has had to deal with misleading information from retailers in the past, can we really trust retailers to tell their customers how to get a better deal?”
Mr Henschke said consumers wanting to reap the benefits of the new requirement would still have to use the Energy Made Easy or another independent comparison website to shop around.
“This neglects the digital literacy challenges many older people still face,” he said.
“The latest Australian Digital Inclusion Index shows people aged 65 and over are Australia’s least digitally-included age group and this ‘age gap’ has been steadily widening since 2015.
“National Seniors believes everyone should have access to a basic, no-frills pricing offer regardless of their retailer.
“Access to a government standing offer would benefit those consumers unable to shop around for a market offer because of limited digital literacy.
“Australia has some of the highest electricity prices in the world. National Seniors continues to question whether deregulation of retail pricing is the answer to this problem.”

Zone 106 & 121 Presidents Meeting





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ZONE 121


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ZONE 106

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Kristie gave an overview of what Branches could do insofar as activities are concerned.

One interesting point made was that a number of Branches subsidize their Christmas function so as many members as possible can attend.

She recognized that Branch membership needs to grow, and that Brisbane needs to assist with this.


John Giles and Bob Goodyear were unanimously re elected as Chairs of Zones 106 and 121 respectively.

The position of Zone Secretary remains vacant.


The salient points made during the discussion were:

  • Communication systems need to be improved between all parts of NSA.
  • A strategy for dealing with population growth in Victoria needs to be developed.
  • NSA needs to:-
  • Be independent of outside influences.
  • Play a strong advocacy role.
  • Be member oriented.
  • Be sustainable especially a far as funding is concerned.
  • Membership
  • Needs to adjust to modern day conditions.(Currently approximately 180,000 Australia wide (with approximately 40% in Queensland).
  • Need to strengthen membership in NSW and Vic, but especially in SA
  • There are two new Branches starting in SA and one in NSW
  • Need to identify what NSA members really want.
  • The over fifties market appears to be cashed up.
  • The travel service is regarded as offering too many trips which many members cannot afford, and too few which they can – problem has been recognized in Brisbane
  • The need for competition in NSA insurance offerings is recognized
  • There is a possibility that NSA may be able to influence the real estate market insofar as housing for seniors is concerned.
  • The advocacy role is being redeveloped.
    • The current Policy Officers are effective at Commonwealth level, but there are only two of them
    • The current approach is to get NSA’s act into order before taking on any policy initiatives compared simply to responding to those proposed by others.
    • The Chief Advocate role has been advertised and interviews will be held.
    • Research and Advocacy will need to work together more closely.
    • The magazine will now fall under the Membership Manager, and will need to become far more relevant to members.
    • An office is needed in each State.
    • The NSA investment portfolio is sound, however ongoing revenue streams remain a concern, hence the need to increase the membership numbers.
    • The entire NSA organization structure is being examined for applicability and suitability. Dagmar is concerned about the apparent weaknesses in parts of the structure, and with the relevance of other parts.
    • The old issue of a suitable name for NSA which overcomes the apparent stigma associated with the term “senior” is being tackled again.
      • A focus group has been established, and its work will filter down through the organization.
      • Firstly the rationale behind NSA’s existence must be firmly established.
    • The whole of life concept has been accepted, rather than continuing with the age silo approach which is so prevalent throughout society at present.
    • The need for specific working groups comprising members with expertise in specific areas is recognized.

Branch Meetings

Various locations,
across Victoria.
Meeting both at day and night

Contact Office on 03 9650-6144.

Upcoming Events

  • Nov 29, 17
    COBA End of year Celebration (view)

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